From the halls of CIA headquarters on the morning of 9/11 to the war-torn skies over Afghanistan, NEVER MIND, WE’LL DO IT OURSELVES is the never-before-told firsthand narrative of the development of the US Government’s drone program, born of necessity in 2000 to find Usama Bin Ladin in Afghanistan.  This story is presented by the CIA and Air Force officers who were charged with its creation; a story that has never been fully told to the public.  After 39 months of back and forth with the CIA and DoD Publication Review Boards, this document has finally been fully cleared for release. With commentary from Charlie Allen former Assistant Director of Central Intelligence, Lieutenant General John Campbell, USAF (Ret) and USAF Lieutenant Colonel Gabe Brown, survivor of the Battle of Robert’s Ridge, this book will introduce you to the unlikely team of patriots, innovators and rule-breakers who defied the odds to relentlessly prosecute America’s most pivotal mission. A testament to the accuracy of this book is that the CIA fought for almost four years to prevent it from ever being published.

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AFA Mitchell Institute Presentation from 22 Jan 2021


ADM.WILLIAM H. MCRAVEN, frmr Commander U.S. Special Operations Command  

“… Never Mind We’ll Do It Ourselves, will give every American confidence that “the right stuff” still exists in the DNA of our… READ MORE